Day of Surgery

We’d like to walk you through the surgery process so you know what you can expect the day of your procedure. 

The process actually starts the day before your scheduled visit. A member of our nursing staff will call to let you know what time to arrive for your procedure and to answer any questions you may have. 

The day of surgery our receptionist will help you complete the necessary forms for the procedure and obtain a copy of a photo ID and your insurance cards. The staff will ask you to sign an informed consent, please read it carefully, it lists your name, the kind of surgery you will have, the risks of your surgery, and your agreement to have the surgery performed. Make sure everything on the form is correct; make sure all of your questions have been answered. If you do not understand something on the form Speak up

For your safety the staff may ask you the same question many times. The staff will ask who you are, what kind of surgery you are having, and the part of your body that will be operated on. Then one of our nurses will take you back to the preoperative area to get you ready for surgery. They will have you change into a surgical gown, take your vital signs, go over the medications you take at home and review your health history. If your procedure requires sedation, the nurses will start your IV at this time. While you are in the preoperative area you will have the opportunity to meet your anesthesia provider and discuss the sedation you are scheduled to receive for your procedure. If time allows, your family will be able to visit with you prior to your procedure. 

When the surgeon is ready to begin your case you will meet your circulating nurse who will escort you to the operating suite. Anesthesia will be started and the surgeon will perform your surgery. 

Once surgery is complete you will be taken into post anesthesia care unit to recover. Tell your doctor or nurse about your pain; so we are able to meet your pain needs. When you are fully awake and able to sit up you will be able to drink and have a light snack. The nurse will go over discharge instructions with you and your family, a written copy of discharge instructions will be provided. Ask questions about medicines that are given to you especially new medicines. What is it? What is if for? Are there any side effects? Tell your caregivers about any allergies you have to medicines. If you have more questions about a medicine, talk to your doctor or nurse before taking it. When you’re ready to go home a care provider will escort you to your vehicle outside. 

We advise all patients to take the rest of the day to relax and recover quietly at home.