The mission of our facility is to promote a high quality of service to all patients and ensure that all patients are informed of the events of their procedures to their satisfaction. 

We believe that a safe, comfortable care setting is essential for our patients, family members and staff and believe that through collaboration we can provide efficient, quality care. 

We believe that ensuring confidentiality of patient Protected Health Information, whether oral or recorded in any media, is essential. 

We believe that patient assessments and individualized plans of care are important measures and are needed to address the psychological, physiological and sociological needs of the surgical patient. Working together as a team, we strive to provide a positive care experience for each client and expedite their recovery so they can return to their normal social environment. 

We believe that patients have the right to expect a quick response to their pain and those patients and their care givers shall be educated about pain management and pain control. 

We realize the importance of continuing education and training for our staff and believe that developing knowledge and skills in ambulatory surgery technology is of paramount importance to our patient’s safety and recovery. We believe that a continuous program of in-service education for all of our personnel is essential to assure quality of care and continuing staff development. 

We believe in providing care at the lowest possible cost and that patients are apprised of these costs. 

We believe that patients undergoing surgery should experience the least psychological, emotional or physical trauma possible, thus returning the patient to his/her social environment within the shortest and safest time frame. 

Our Center performs annual patient outcome studies to determine the degree to which we are successful in meeting this Mission Statement.