“This is the second time you’ve saved my eyesight so I could travel, see my granddaughter, and enjoy life. Thank you.” 


“I should like to thank you for the excellent and professional care I received at the Surgery Center. That includes everyone from receptionist to the nurses. I’m truly grateful.” 


“World Class Care is alive and well in Chardon! You ARE what good medicine should be today. Thank you for such excellent care.” 


“I think you have the friendliest, most caring staff. The facility was clean and bright. The nurses were informative, caring and professional.” 


“The office personnel and the professional staff were extremely efficient, professional, and caring for my treatment and comfort. It is folks like you that make great neighbors and makes Auburn and Geauga County a great place to live.” 


“What a great experience we had with you!!! Love the surgery center! And the staff was AMAZING!” 


“Thank you all for making our short stay comfortable. It was very reassuring to be in the hands of competent, caring staff and past friends.” 

-J.T and T.T. 

“I have used this facility about six times this spring and have had the great care from every person involved in my care. The staff has treated me with efficient, compassionate care.” 


“Yesterday, I played my first set of tennis (won it with a partner) after 45 minutes warming up on the ball machine. I was so happy to be out there! You have no idea what this means to me … The reason for this letter is to say a personal thank you for the excellent care I received at the Chardon Surgery Center from you and from the entire staff there… I found the operation at Chardon Surgery Center to be the best I have experienced and I know what I am talking about. I saw that the staff knew what they were doing and were doing the right things. Nurses, ORTs, CRNA’s, and assistants were all knowledgeable and supportive. I appreciate the fact that you personally did my heart-lung check. I also know that the surgery you did was excellent; the pain I had had since October 3rd was gone immediately, and I had truly insignificant post-operative discomfort, not needing pain medication after the first evening. The knee pictures are also great. Proof positive of the state of the knee. Thank you.” 


“Just keep doing what you are currently doing! Very warm and friendly care and service.”